Razer’s Giveaway

b8e2479490f16f30c2fc6feaf9459e40So Razer is doing a giveaway . It’s big so chances of winnning small … COUNT ME IN ! You can follow this Razer LINK if you want to have a shot at it .

By the way don’t forget to keep hitting that Steam / Origin Giveaway buttons and don’t forget to share with your friends ! Our page’s GIVEAWAY HERE :

Go ahead and make my day. Do send messages and comments if you have ideas. We are building a gaming community and have friends to play some games at a set dates. I will post my game’s list so everyone can comment on and have an idea what I like ! Contacting is easy. Comment on here , or go to my Facebook Page or send a message to nerdglassgaming@gmail.com


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